In 2008, Innovative Insulation Solutions Ltd. won the SPFA Industry Excellence Award in the Tanks and Vessels Category. This project was a 19,000-gallon Tank Insulation that required 2,000 square feet to be sprayed and coated. The Union Pacific Railroad has a locomotive engine oil recycling initiative in which they collect the used oil, treat the oil to remove water and then sell the treated used oil to recyclers. This recycling process always came to a stop during the winter season. Union Pacific RR decided to insulate the 19,000-gallon oil collection tank with spray foam, so the combination of the spray foam and the heater they installed will permit the oil recycling to continue year round. The Spray Foam was able to conform to all the unusual and irregular surface of the tank. Spray foam insulation was chosen because it was the only way to insulate the tank in an effective manner.