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Open Cell Spray Foam

Innovative Insulation Solutions, Ltd. primary purpose of using open cell Spray Foam Insulation is Sound Abatement. However, Innovative Insulation Solutions, Ltd. will insulate entire building envelops with open cell spray foam insulation. When insulated a building envelop with open cell Spray Foam Insulation, the Vapor Retarder HAS to be addressed in most areas of the USA.

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation by itself will not met Building Code requirements of a vapor retarder (i.e. having a perm of less than 1.0). Building Code requires a vapor retarder on the warm side of the wall (i.e. on the inside). If the vapor retarder is not addressed during the construction process, the open cell Spray Foam Insulation can fail and lead to larger problems (see article: Open Cell Failures).

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