Unvented Attics

"This configuration controls the entry of moisture-laden air into the insulation and also eliminates dew-point occurring at the underside of the roof deck and anywhere in the insulation..." Prepared by Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation Alliance

"Build your cold-climate attic with no vents- the shingles may not last quite as long, but you’ll get big payoffs in performance and energy savings." Prepared by Joseph Lstiburek

"Closed-cell polyurethane foam provides the insulation, air barrier, and vapor retarder necessary for an unvented attic assembly." Prepared by James Morshead

"GAF-Elk’s shingle warranty is still valid when the shingles are installed over a roof deck insulated with SPF foam, which can be an effective method of boosting a home’s energy performance." Prepared by JLC

"One of the largest growing uses of spray polyurethane foam insulation is in residential attics and crawl spaces." Prepared by Centers for the Polyurethanes Industry

"Foam insulation is being used more commonly, and has become the material of choice for residential air-sealing. Foam insulation has been sprayed on the underside of board and wood-panel sheathing with great success." Prepared by William B. Rose

"Spray foam insulation can be an effective solution in dealing with moisture issues in today’s roofs, as well as making a home more energy efficient." Prepared by Steve Easley

"Be sure that you use closed-cell spray foam and make it thick enough to be more effective. Avoid open-cell foam, as it would absorb moisture that may damage the roof sheathing." Prepared by Henri de Marne

"The fact that spray-in foam creates a continuous air seal [in roof cavities] is what’s driving it in the United States,” says Paul Warren. “You’re sealing the space and insulating it at the same time." Prepared by Matthew Power

"Closed-cell spray polyurethane foam can be used to create an unvented roof assembly that works in all climate zones. The design approach is the same for all climate zones." Prepared by Chris Schumacher

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