trout1_sm   Project: To insulate all exterior walls and vaulted ceilings

"I am impressed with the Corbond product and it's method of application. I have high praise for your crew. They were friendly, responsive and professional. The worksite was left in a clean and tidy condition. I also appreciate that you adjusted your schedule and worked over the weekend to complete our installation. That kind of responsiveness is very helpful when trying to coordinate subcontractors."

Steve K.
Kidder Custom Homes

Project: Insulating the second and third floor ceilings of their townhome.

"We would like to thank you again for your work. You and your staff were wonderful to work with, both polite and efficient. We sincerely appreciate your efforts and look forward to working with you again in future endeavors."

Monique C.

winchester1 Project: To insulate the basement of a 100 year old home with a brick and mortar foundation. The rest of the home was substantially renovated 2 years prior using conventional fiberglass insulation in the first and second floor.

"This is our first experience working with your company and foam insulation. We selected Corbond insulation after several months of research looking for the best solution for below-grade applications. Corbond was the only solution we found that provided a closed cell application that was environmentally responsible . To our surprise, the basement is actually as warm as the first and second floor of the house. We are very impressed with the results and look forward to working with you again in the future. "

Dawn and John H.
Ver Strate Design

Project: To insulate the floor of the kitchen above an exterior unheated crawl space. The old porch that was converted into the Kitchen. At the time of the porch conversion, the floor was insulated with fiber glass batts. The O'Connor's kitchen was always very cold during the winter.

"The Corbond insulation did make a difference. Now, when I walk across the kitchen floor in my bare feet, I cannot tell from the temperature where the line is between the part of the kitchen over the basement and the part over the un-heated crawl space. On the days when the temperature outside is below zero, the temperature inside is about 5 degrees warmer than it was last winter."

Leah O.
Chicago, IL

wood1 Project: Insulation of house in Woodstock, IL

"The job Innovative Insulation Solutions did for me was a pro job all the way. On time, job right, clean up, all were perfect. We had huge winds the other day and I couldn't feel or hear anything. I highly recommend this company and Corbond® insulation. "

Rick L.
All American Auto Body
Elgin, IL

wood1 Project: Insulation of house on Grand Ave. in Park Ridge

"Thank you for the professional job installing the Corbond insulation system in our new home. Of the many trades we have dealt with during our construction process, your company ranks top with professionalism, communication and on time performance. We have received many comments from other industry professionals as they walked through our project and looked at the Corbond® insulation process. All have been very impressed. The best part is now the low energy savings we are receiving each month. Our energy bills are half of what was spent on our old house with a house one-third larger. "

Alan Z., CKD
President of Better Kitchens Incorperated
Niles, IL

lowell1 Project: Insulation of house on Lowell Ave. in Chicago

"Innovative Insulation was great to work with- Richard Spiess was very responsive and constantly checked up on our project and its status.? The Corbond® material was quickly installed, provided an excellent seal around openings and cracks in the exterior walls, as well as providing substantial noise reduction. Additionally, all tradespeople working on our project were impressed by the quality of the Corbond® product and thought it was an excellent insulation choice."

"I was happy to see that the insulation was purple- It reminded me of giant purple marshmallow peeps at Easter"

Walter W. and Kendra E.
Chicago, IL

kild1 Project: Insulation of house on Kildare St. in Chicago

"The Corbond® product speaks for itself. It has a very high R-value per inch, and does a tremendous job sealing out wind, moisture and noise. Innovative Insulation was great to work with. They were very professional and responsive and kept the job site clean."

Doug H.
Krahl Construction
Chicago, IL


Project: To insulate the entire building envelop.

Great Job, quick informative responses to any and all questions, realistic cost estimates, willing to work to get the costs down and show options to reduce costs if the budget was an issue.

Stephen T.
Senior Director
Cushman and Wakefield of Illinois, Inc.

Project: To insulate a crawl space.


I got a chance to look at the crawlspace work you did last week - it looks great! Please let your team know they did a great job!

Best Regards,

Jason M.

Project: To insulate a basement build out.

Dear Richard,

We are very pleased. My contractors also were very impressed. I'd be happy to serve as a reference.

Carol M.

Pictures are the HBAGC headquarters (Addison)

Project: To Insulate the exterior walls

In this particular case, if we hadn't used the system we would be miserable because this is a very busy street with a lot of trucks, fire engines, ambulances, etc. I cannot believe how quiet this building is. It also just feels more solid and we have not had any problems with the building being too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. This is a great product.

Peter S.


Project: To Insulated the roof in an attic build out

I spent many long hours at the computer researching different foam Insulations and their proper applications. All I had to do was call Richard Spiess and all of my questions would have been answered within five minutes. The Innovative Insulation Solutions team was nothing short of fantastic in their knowledge of the products they were using and their execution of the job. Not only is our attic now nice and toasty warm, but wind noise has been significantly reduced, making the space far more comfortable and appropriate for the guest bedroom it is to become.
The real testament of the IIS team's commitment to total customer satisfaction came three months after they had completed the job and a layer of fresh snow revealed a small heat leak. The IIS crew came out immediately to repair the heat leak. But we had a new born in the house and were concerned about any fumes. The IIS crew did an excellent job of sealing and exhausting the area they were working in and making my wife and our newborn son feels totally comfortable with their  presence. I can think of no better praise then that.


Rick V..

Project: To Insulate exterior walls and attic of a Chicago rehab.


I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your employees, and the nice job they did at my place.  Their attention to detail in getting the foam just right, getting complete coverage in the odd corners, getting the thickness right-Â It's all stuff that most people probably wouldn't notice and they could easily have rushed through, but they didn't.
I was also very impressed with the overall knowledge and interest that Mike and his partner have in the product, and in insulation and building science in general. They are genuine, have great personalities, and are intelligent and fun to talk to.

You and your employees try hard, and it shows.

Count me among your satisfied customers. I hope we can do more business in the future.


Dan N.

Project: To insulate an addition.


Thank you for the great job.

Andy K.,
Kay Consulting

Project: To insulate an addition.

Your guys did a great job..
I'll bet my 2nd floor is 20 deg cooler.. with just the windows open.

John E.

Project: To insulate a Chicago gut/rehab.


The pipe your guys sprayed is completely quie, and I couldn't have been more pleased with the work Ian and the guys did. If you ever need another reference, I’d be happy to help.

Thanks again,

Chris F.
Related Pictures are 320 Palos in Glencoe, IL

Project: Insulate the entire building envelop.


Without question, I have been EXTREMELY pleased with your work and your professionalism. I consider myself your advocate and would be happy to provide any references or testimonials in the future.

David G.