logo_thermcoFoam In Place Masonry Insulation is a 2-part foamed-in-place plastic insulation consisting of a liquid resin and a catalyst foaming agent. The resin is a polymethylenecarbamide compound. The catalyst is a modified poly ammio reactant. The two materials form a cold setting, low density, and resilient foam. Setting takes place 10-60 seconds after the material leaves the applicator gun. The material is fully expanded after it leaves the application gun.

Foam In Place Masonry Insulation is not intended for use with temperatures exceeding 190 degrees F (88 degrees C) for prolonged periods of time. The foam will not support a compressive load and should not be used for flotation, overhead applications or underground as a vapor barrier.

Foam In Place Masonry Insulation should not be applied into a cavity that will ultimately leave the product exposed, or in a cavity that will not permit vapor transmission during the initial curing period of 72 hours.