How well your website performs to a great extend depends on the quality of the hosting service that you are using. This is especially true for you who intend to host your virtual real estate on a virtual hosting service or popularly known as shared hosting service.

As its name indicates, in shared web host your site will reside on the same server with other sites. This what makes this type of hosting plan can be offered with a minimal cost; as the result it often becomes the right choice for people who have a shoestring budget.

However, because the server will be shared among many sites there are chances that your neighbors operate improper sites. For instance, some of them may have websites that implement spamming techniques to trick search engines . This may result in the banning of the shared IP by search engines.

You may also encounter email delivery problems because the IP has been blacklisted by many ISPs. This can happen if one of site owner has utilized the server for sending out spam emails.

Another problem that may happen is when there are sites that eat up server resources. In a virtual hosting, not only IP, but also CPU, memory and other resources are used by more than one websites. VIII. Choice of Control Panel As the result your site takes too much time to load.

This article is not meant to tell you that you must stay away from any shared web hosting service. There are several things that you can do to prevent the above problems from occurring.

Before you choose a provider you should make sure that you can use a dedicated IP address for your site. By having a separate IP, you can protect your website from getting troubles caused by other site owners that conduct improper activities.

You sould also read carefully the policy of the hosting provider. Find out what kind of materials are allowed to be hosted on the server. This can prevent you from having bad neighbors.

Once again, there is no reason to steer clear from virtual web hosting. Besides the prices are very affordable, this is a great choice especially for people who want to host their sites without having to deal with technical problems. What you primarily need to do is to make sure that you choose a reliable provider.